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Lies We Tell Ourselves

I’ve spoken to two people in the last week or so, and they’ve both said something that stuck with me.

One said “I can deliver technical work but I can’t talk to clients.” All the while, he was perfectly articulate and comfortable speaking with me.

The other said “it’s easier for me to sell someone else’s expertise than my own because they’re established.” He’s been a successful Solopreneur and consultant for several years.

For some reason, we continually construct our own realities but they’re littered with lies. What appears to be “reality” is really a negative take on enormous opportunity. We repeatedly tell ourselves these lies because…

Wait, why do we tell ourselves these lies? Certainly the more we repeat something, the less we question it and the more we take it as fact.

One of the lies that I tell myself is “I’ll never hustle as hard as others because I grew up privileged.” What a load of crap! Another lie I’ve told myself over the last few years is “I can’t be hugely successful as a Solopreneur because I’m not good enough.” More crap!

So I challenge you to ask: what lies are you telling yourself, and when will it be time to stop?