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Just Show Up

I recently asked a question on LinkedIn: how do you balance the opposing needs of quantity v. quality?

The answers were predictably split, but my feeling is more people favored quality.

Quality is rife with excuses. Embedded in quality is a drive toward perfection, which isn’t attainable. Embedded in a drive toward perfection is excuses.

Here’s the thing: the first time out, you’ll never be as good as the hundredth time out. It takes time and repetition to be great at something.

I’ve been publishing on LinkedIn multiple times a week for about four months, and I’m just getting a handle on what works there. I still publish videos that I think are going to get massive reach, and they flop.

I still make videos that just don’t inspire me.

But I continue to publish.

Because if I – and if you – just hit publish, you’ll be back in a few days to do it again. You’ll be there to try again, knowing that what matters is that you show up repeatedly to make incremental improvements.

It’s not about being perfect, or leapfrogging your past effort to be 50% better. Because if you show up every day at just 1% better, you’ll double your quality in 71 days. And you’ll double it again in 142 days. And again in 284 days.

I’m happy being 8x better in less than a year, then repeat the process every year for the rest of my life.

That’s what happens when we just show up, and do it every single day.

So in the quality v. quantity argument, my answer is simple: just show up.