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It Never Hurts to Ask

“The worst they can say is ‘no’”.

That’s the advice my dad gave me as a kid. It’s a quip he used anytime I was scared to ask for anything. Anytime I felt that I wasn’t worthy of an ask, or a favor, or someone’s time.

“No.” That’s the worst they can say.

By simply asking, we demonstrate what it is we want, and what’s on our minds.

It seems obvious enough, though it’s not: other people don’t know what we’re thinking. They don’t know what we want. They have plenty of their own things going on.

Ask. The worst they can say is “no.”

When we hear “no,” it’s not an outright rejection of us. It could mean many different things, like: I don’t understand; not now; I don’t need this; I need more information; and more. And oft times a “no” today could be a “yes” at some other time.

What’s more? They might say “no,” but they might also say “yes.” You’ll never know until you ask.