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Introverts Can Sell, Too

People are different. You knew that.

Yet I hear this a lot: “Introverts can’t sell.” Or “Introverts are no good at talking to people.”

It’s just a tale that we tell ourselves. Here’s why.

An introvert is a type of personality often associated with the statement “I’m reflective” or “I prefer doing things alone or with one or two people.” It’s inaccurately associated with shyness or meekness.

Introversion isn’t bad or good. It just is.

An introvert can be just as bold as anyone else. Even if you’re shy, you can still be daring and bold. The way we act is often determined by the role we’re playing in our life, so introversion is an operating system but not the only program that runs.

I can prove it with a common misconception: “extroverts are natural salespeople.” It’s only true insofar as extroverts are more likely to prefer selling as a career. And as a consultant or freelancer, selling isn’t why you got into it. Selling wasn’t your career choice, just a fact of life as a solopreneur.

Here’s the truth about it, according to Dan Pink: “the link between extraversion and sales performance is just about 0.” Instead, introversion can be an asset because it favors listening, reflection, and data assimilation.

So if you identify (or test) as an introvert, don’t tell yourself the “I can’t sell” story. It’s probably not true.