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I Love You But No, I Won’t Join Your Slack Group

I Love You But No, I Won’t Join Your Slack Group

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
2 min read

I made a new friend today, but may have ruined it within the first conversation.

His name is Dave, and he makes WordPress plugins. Normally I don’t name people in my stories, but I’d like to promote the wonderful SoulType plugin I’m using on this very website.

Dave and I chatted a bit, and by the end of the conversation, he invited me to his Slack channel. It was very nice, but I just can’t. Of all distractions-disguised-as-work, Slack is one of the worst, and on the top of my list to swear off.

So no. I’m sure the community is great, but I won’t join your Slack group. I still appreciate the gesture, and still want to get to know Dave. But I’d like to do it in a different way.

Separately, I’m reflecting on 2017 to start planning for 2018. I was watching Blair Enns’ webcast and his planning challenge for himself and his audience is simple: what can you cut? Of all the wonderful, busying, dizzying things you can do in your business and your life, what can go? The same idea came up this morning when I was talking to friends about our 2018 plans for our businesses. While the temptation is to continually do more, the real question is simple: how can I do less?

I joke with my wife that we keep bringing more stuff into our house. More furniture, more gadgets, more pets (sidenote: no more pets). But we haven’t taken the responsibility of cutting what we don’t need. My guess is that we’d enjoy our most prized possessions more if we just donated what we didn’t truly want or need.

My business tends to fill up with junk too. I spend time doing things that don’t pay off, or I don’t enjoy, or no longer align with my strategy. They gotta go. In 2018, I’m committing to doing just a few things that will deepen my impact, and deepen my relationships.

So I can’t join a new Slack group. It’s just not in the cards.