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I Fell Off the Wagon

After publishing 200+ consecutive daily posts, I fell off.

The first day I simply forgot to write and publish a post before bed.

The next day I remembered, and felt ashamed that I missed my publishing deadline. I missed the deadline again.

The next day I had debt to repay, and the mountain of work in front of me – now three posts – felt too much to handle given the extreme load of client work and business and product development that I’m doing.

This went on for five days.

Finally, today, I gave myself permission to start with just one post. One post today. To forget what I didn’t do, and instead focus on what will do. On what I am doing.

Running our businesses, doing our marketing, and executing our sales activities can feel the same way. We slip up a little bit, feel ashamed, get behind on our plans, and the mounting debt seems too big to repay.

We do nothing.

I say fuck that. I accepted that I’m human, dusted myself off, and started once again.

I hope you give yourself permission to start again, too.