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How’s Your Sales Karma?

I do a lot of outbound selling and marketing.

Occasionally people get really sensitive about it. And I get it: no worries if you don’t want to hear from me.

What I find hilarious is when business owners or salespeople get offended when I reach out to them. Just assuming here, but surely they, too, have sales to pursue.

A while back I interviewed Mark Kosoglow, VP Sales at Outreach. He agreed, saying that salespeople should pay it forward to other salespeople.

As a consultant, your job is to help people. You can only do it by forming new relationships. That’s why I chuckled when I received this message on LinkedIn today (emphasis added by me):

Liston, it’s nice to connect with you too, but while I appreciate the gesture, I’m not interested in a sales pitch about your services and what you think you can do for me. Thx anyway, and if I may be of any service to you and/or your company please don’t hesitate to let me know. Best regards.

This is in response to an invitation to a free webinar, not a sales pitch. Then he asks me to contact him if I have a business opportunity to give away!

I’m not sure if this is a thing or not, but that feels an awful lot like bad sales karma. So if you run your own business I have to ask: how’s your sales karma?