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How to Become a Keynote Speaker with James Taylor

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

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If you’ve ever wondered how to become a keynote speaker, it may come as no surprise that it’s not a linear journey. To speak on a certain topic in your field and establish yourself as an expert takes quite a bit of effort and self-reflection, as well. From managing bands and touring around the world, to becoming an international keynote speaker, my guest today shares a bit about his journey.

James Taylor has been an international keynote speaker for the past 20 years, speaking on creativity for entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, designers, writers, and so many more. Starting with marketing events, he realized the power of speaking and its ability to build trust. He’s sharing how to build authority as a speaker, and how to get started.

In this episode, we’ll be discussing:

  1. The first steps to take in becoming a speaker
  2. Three things you should always have for your speaking business
  3. How to find your “thing”

At the start, you need to decide what type of speaking business you want to do. Ask yourself: what does speaking need to do for you and your overall business? Find the types of audiences you’d like to speak to, and where you can find them. Continuously research other speakers and their methods, where they’ve spoken, and how you can create your own process through this.

When establishing yourself as a speaker, there are three essential things you should have: a high-quality reel, a stand-out pitch, and great photography. While James admits to having none of these at the beginning of his speaking career, accumulating these assets with each event you speak at will build the portfolio you need to establish yourself as an expert speaker.

So how do you find your “thing”? How do you find the one topic, or even, phrase, people are most interested in hearing you say? When you find what you really want to speak on, whatever your topic is, start to think about how you can go two levels deeper. on your topic. Start getting curious, and really wonder what you’d be happy to spend the next 10 years researching and speaking on.

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