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Your services don’t sell themselves, but clients still need your help.

You’ve spent years developing your agency’s expertise. You know how to deliver them. But selling and marketing your services is a different skill altogether. What you need are the right systems to attract and win the clients who should be working with you right now.  

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Any of this sound familiar?

You’re getting ghosted.

You speak to prospects who seem to love you, then they fall off the face of the Earth.

Deals are unpredictable.

You know how to run client projects, but your sales process sometimes runs off the rails.

The good ones get away.

You spend hours writing proposals only to lose deals with prospects who absolutely should become your clients.

Get the sales and marketing skills to grow your business.

Hi, I’m Liston, creator and founder of Serve Don’t Sell. I started my career surrounded by entrepreneurs and experts, but they didn’t know how to sell and market their expertise. 

I went on to open my own digital marketing agency and found that I could still win clients even though we weren’t the absolute best at what we did. The difference? I learned how to sell and market my expertise, and now I’d like to help you do the same.

I’m on a mission to help experts become world-class communicators so they can sell their expertise as well as they deliver it. 

A few places I’ve shared my honest, ethical, and sleaze-free message:

Training and Programs Purpose-Built For Agencies and Creative Firms

What Serve Don’t Sell Means For You

The Path to Growing Your Agency

Here’s how my signature Systematic Selling Program works:

1. Apply For a Consult

Schedule a quick intro call to discuss your goals and some immediate actions you can take to improve your client acquisition program.

2. Set Performance Goals

If we decide to work together, the first step is to set goals for your business growth, and identify the top priorities to get started with.

3. Monitor Growth

We’ll monitor your business growth, celebrate wins, and adjust priorities to keep the momentum moving forward.

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What People Are Saying

I’m a programmer by trade, and a corporate trainer by profession. I have a successful business, but Liston identified and helped me to develop the skills I need to take my business to the next level.

Reuven Lerner
Python Technial Trainer
Liston Witherill has been blowing my mind with his emails. Pow.

Tom Miller
Principal, TMiller Group
Have you helped me? Yes! The #1 tip is to not get off a call without having a clear next step. Game changer. Way less prospects going dark.

Simon Thompson
Customer Success, Meltwater
Your program paid for itself.

Now I’m looking to get to 10x ROI!

Bob Paden
Owner, The Growth Coach
Liston Witherill and the Serve Don’t Sell method is exceptional. It’s a wealth of information you won’t find anywhere else.

Our understanding of the sales process, our tactics, and the ways in which we seek to serve our customers has changed entirely as a result of Liston and his methodology.

Lauren Majors
President, Sonder Health
This is the stuff they should teach in school. Not algebra and geometry and English lit.

Frank McClung
Drawing the Promises

The Serve Don’t Sell Promise

Rooted In Science

The methods and recommendations always consider experience, real-world feedback, and academic and business research.

Kindness Counts

Sales and marketing is about communicating effectively so people can make informed decisions, not be manipulated.

Tech Savvy

Yes, this is all about relationships, but technology can help with that. Wherever tech can help, we’ll suggest you use it, and how.

We’re Process Driven

You don’t have to be oozing with charisma to grow your biz, you just need a repeatable, proven process to follow and tweak.

Apply For a Consult ➡

Apply For a Consult ➡

Hi, I’m Liston, and I’m excited to help you grow.