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High Ticket Business Doesn’t Happen Over Email

High Ticket Business Doesn’t Happen Over Email

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

It’s right there for me every day, calling out my name. It’s my favorite procrastination strategy. It’s a good way to pretend I’m being productive, but it often gets in the way of the real work that I need to do.

What I’m talking about is email.

It’s where people spend countless hours of their lives. And as service provider, it’s tempting to rely on email as a sales communication medium.

Email is great for keeping a conversation going, but it’ll never be the place to build a lasting relationship.

High ticket business doesn’t happen over email. It happens on the phone, or in video chat. So next time you have a deal sitting in your pipeline, close your inbox and pick up your phone instead.

The worst thing that’ll happen is you’ve strengthened another relationship.

Things could be worse.