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Hand Drawings

How I Make Those Sexy Hand Drawings

If you’re here, you’ve asked about how I’m doing those hand drawings in my newsletters and articles. You know, these:

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Much to my surprise, I’ve been asked by dozens of people how I do it. The truth is it’s pretty simple. Before I go into that, answers to a few FAQs:

  • Yes, it’s my handwriting in the drawings
  • No, I’ve never hired anyone to help execute the drawings
  • You do need to spend a few hundred dollars to duplicate the exact process I use
  • No, I don’t know how to draw; a talented 5-year-old is far better than me
  • I spend only 10 minutes on a drawing, on average

Tools You’ll Need

You don’t need much to do this, but it will cost money. Here’s what I use:

That’s it.

How It’s Done

Now it’s time for show and tell. Here’s a quick video walking you through an example drawing: