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Friends or Family

You don’t get to choose your family.

This fact forces us to exercise patience, adapt to different situations, and learn to love people who we’ll see for the rest of our lives.

We’re stuck with our family and they’re stuck with us. We’ll always have each other.

Friends are different.

You choose your friends. There’s nothing forcing you to stay friends with them, or see them ever again.

It’s a completely mutual relationship. Even though you don’t need to see your friends, you still do. You talk. You give gifts. You do things together.

Choosing and keeping the wrong friends comes at the cost of the friends you could have. You can’t get a new family, but you can have new friends. Having the wrong friends is a mental drain, and it keeps you from having friends who enrich your life.

To all my friends: thank you for choosing me, and I love you all. I’m grateful to call you my friends.