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For the Love of Post-Its and All Their Shortcomings

For the Love of Post-Its and All Their Shortcomings

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

There’s something special about holding a pen and scribbling on a Post-It note.

You can only fit the most essential information on a note. You can write multiple notes and stack them.

You can move your notes to new surfaces. They stick just about anywhere.

You can scribble on them and toss them out at will. They’re so exceptionally useful.

I think it’s the limitations of the notes that I love. They’re small: I get the 3″ x 3″ notes (that’s 7.5cm). I can only squeeze so much information on them. And so I’m forced to communicate more powerfully so I can remember what I meant when I go back and reference my note.

Because the notes quickly litter my desk, I’m forced to clear them off and save them in a new way – usually in my todo list or CRM – effectively recounting the information now for the third time.

It sounds strange because the notes are impermanent, but they actually strengthen my memory.

I’ve written before about the creative power of limitations.

Everything we do should bare limitation. If you can choose tools that are both useful and impose limitations, your creativity is likely to boom.

Go make something, and feel free to sketch it out on a Post-It note, first.