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Places We’ve Been Featured

Liston Witherill is the founder and creator of Serve Don’t Sell, and regularly speaks and creates content in other places. Here are some the places he’s been featured:





B2B Growth: 3 Actionable Tips for Better Sales Conversations w/ Liston Witherill

In this episode we talk to Liston Witherill, Founder of Liston Witherill Consulting. Liston is a sales coach, keynote speaker & the host of The Show.

MarTech Podcast: Building a Toolkit for MarTech Consulting — Liston Witherill (

Liston’s going to share some best practices and tools that help marketing consultants improve their sales process, and we continue to discuss the benefits of becoming a professional service provider instead of entering into traditional employment agreements.

MarTech Podcast: How Marketers Can Sell Expertise with Confidence — Liston Witherill (

In this episode, Liston is going to walk us through why more marketers are choosing to work as professional service providers and some of the primary issues facing marketing consultants.

Schmidt List: Selling Change with Liston Witherill – Ep 74

Liston Witherill joins us to talk about how to promote your ideas and how to build more empathy with your sales team.

Credo: Serve Don’t Sell with Liston Witherill

Psychological triggers. Discovery calls. Pain points. Active listening and getting internal stakeholders to be your internal influencers and sales champions when selling enterprise deals.

Ugurus: Serve, Don’t Sell – With Liston Witherill

Do you need more leads or better sales? Liston guides us through some factors to consider.

The Freelancers’ Show: Timeless Sales Strategies

Liston shares tips on how to approach a sales process and a lists a set of questions that need to be answered about the service offered and its value proposition to the target audience in order for it to be successful.

It’s time to sell: The Basics of Sales are the Most Important Principles (with Liston Witherill)

Liston Witherill is a sales trainer and consultant who helps client services professionals sell more services to big companies. Liston and his company, Serve Don’t Sell, provide remote and onsite training to teams who want to serve their clients more effectively while selling more, and doing it ethically.

QuickMail: Closing Deals With Liston Witherill, The Host of Modern Sales Podcast

Today is an exciting day in our cold email outreach podcast, because we have Liston Witherill, the host of Modern Sales podcast, a fabulous source to learn more about closing deals. Liston is joining us with a background in psychology, behavioural economics and tons of sales studies to tell us what happens after our prospects reply with interest. Enjoy!

The Growth Lever: Sales Process = More Sales, with Liston Witherill

Process can seem like a boring word, but as Liston and I discuss, you’ll see why it is so, so important to have a process so that you can learn, optimize and improve. Without process, you’re just winging it every time. That may have gotten you to where you are now, but it won’t get you where you want to go.

Freelance Podcast: LinkedIn v. Prospecting

Two polar opposite marketing channels: LinkedIn and Podcasting. Liston Witherill (who uses both) stops by to talk about his experiments on each and what he’s doing now.

UI Breakfast: One Day of User Research with Liston Witherill

How about getting out of your comfort zone? Just one day of research can bring you amazing insights. Our guest today is Liston Witherill, marketer and CEO of Good Funnel. You’ll learn how to perform the most effective research activities: customer interviews, passive research, analytics, and competitor analysis.

Experts On The Wire (An SEO Podcast!): Proven Conversion Boosting Copy Tips & The Art Of Email Outreach w/Liston Witherill

On this episode, you’re going to learn how Liston uses words – messaging, tone, language, positioning – to increase monthly sales 8x, increase landing page conversions 104% – and yes, even how he became a guest on this podcast via cold email outreach.

The Art of Online Business: How to Boost Conversions & Improve Your Marketing with Liston Witherill

How to solve some of your biggest marketing problems, simply by asking your audience the right questions and then allowing their answers to drive the messaging in your business.

22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo: Turn Referrals Into Solid Sales with Liston Witherill

Liston and Marlo discuss the key connections between marketing and sales, as well as well as Liston’s top tips for the future of digital business.

Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast: Liston Witherill, How “STOR Analysis” Will Improve Your Copy and Conversions

Liston Witherill is a digital marketer who specializes in helping tech and info business understand their customers to sell more by improving conversions through copy, persuasion, pricing, positioning and automation. Liston reveals his STOR analysis on exactly what he does to help his clients write better copy and craft the messaging to gain the greatest conversions.

Twelve Minute Convos: Liston Witherill is an author, speaker, and advisor to agencies and consulting firms /Ep2274

Liston Witherill Liston Witherill is an author, speaker, and advisor to agencies and consulting firms ready to move beyond the referral. Liston’s work is based on cutting edge psychology, behavioral economics, and his own sales experience. His mantra is “Serve, Don’t Sell,” and he believes selling should be an ethical, win-win arrangement 100% of the time.

Sales for Nerds: Liston Witherill on growing your consulting practice beyond referrals

How you can be more proactive in generating referrals and word-of-mouth type sales, instead of waiting passively for that business to come to you.

Double Your Freelancing, Episode 43: Liston Witherill on Reading Your Clients’ Minds

Today’s guest is Liston Witherill.  Today we got the opportunity to talk about getting into the heads of your clients. It’s important to understand your client’s mindset, the worldview of the people you work for and their values, problems and needs. It’s what separates you and allows you to position yourself as an expert consultant and reliably solve the problems of your clients.

Getting Work To Work: “Sales Talk” with Liston Witherill

In today’s interview episode of Getting Work To Work, I have a chat with Liston Witherill about sales and how he helps agencies and consultants move beyond the referral and establish systems of predictable growth. From understanding and effectively describing problems to having an established sales process with goals at the end of each phase, Liston dives deep into how creative professionals grow in their understanding of referrals, inbound marketing, and outbound marketing.

All Things Telesales: Building Trust on the Phone

Liston Witherill is a sales trainer and consultant with a top-shelf podcast, “Modern Sales,” on this episode, Jake & Liston discuss, “Building Trust on the Phone”.

Boutique Growth: Selling is a Behaviour, Not an Identity with Liston Witherill

Hate the idea of coming across as some kind of sleazy salesperson? Liston Witherill has some good news for you. You don’t need to be the stereotypical salesperson that you’ve seen in movies and read about in books. But you do have to sell.

The Creative Life Podcast: How To Sell Your Work Using ‘Serve, Don’t Sell’ – Interview with Liston Witherill

Business Innovators Radio: Liston Witherill -Serve Don’t Sell – Get Clients Without Depending on Referrals





Sales Hacker: Closing the Deal – Shut Up! How to Smash Your Quota By Listening Better

Lost another deal this week? It’s not them, it’s you. Most of us in sales talk too much, and the cost couldn’t be higher. Did you know the average rep spends just 30% of meetings listening, but top closers listen TWICE AS MUCH?!? And it’s not just listening to that wins big: it’s understanding. Learn why your loud mouth is killing your results, how to become a great listener, and the exact actions you can take today to listen like a superstar closer.

Bravado: Sneak Peek from our interview with Liston Witherill of Serve Don’t Sell

The pair talk about the old-fashioned mentality of focusing solely on top-line revenue growth while neglecting the customer’s best interest.

“If you’re interested in serving your clients, you do that even if it comes at the expense of making a sale.” – Liston Witherill

Fabio Palvelli: How to sell more as artists and designers

Selling services is the same as selling your art, which is just a service you provide to others who need it. In this interview, Fabio asks Liston about how to approach design and artistic work without feeling like you’ve traded off the quality of what you’re doing.

Curtis McHale: How to do sales right with Liston Witherill

Today we talk to Liston Witherill about sales. One thing that stood out to me as a lead strategy that I’ve never really done is how to find and warm up cold leads.

Robert Williams: Mastering initial sales conversations with Liston Witherill

In this video, Liston will Join Robert Williams in a workshop that will teach you the basics of sales conversation.

Philip Morgan: DSMB: Liston Witherill on IRL teaching as lead generation

This presentation and Q&A session by Liston Witherill will give you a very practical understanding of how to use in real life (IRL) teaching to generate leads for your services, including actual ROI numbers from Liston’s experience.

WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Liston Witherill

Liston works directly with hundreds of freelancers, consultants, and small agency owners. So far 100% of the people he has spoken to, coached, or consulted didn’t set out to become a master salesperson. Eventually, though, they realized that the lack of a quality sales process was holding them back.