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Experts Aren’t Desperate

Selling your expertise can be a difficult endeavor.

If you or your company are well-established, you’ll walk in to every sale with esteem and credibility.

Working with clients to uncover the problems is where your sales happen.

Nothing endangers your esteem, credibility, and perceived expertise quite like desperation.

The signals sent by desperation are palpable. Your potential client – the person on the receiving end of your feelings of desperation – might be thinking, “If they’re such an expert, why are they desperate? They must not be as in-demand as I thought.”

I call this negative social proof. If you’re desperate, you’re sending the signal that a particular opportunity is crucial, which implies that you have limited opportunity.

The solution to the problem is twofold:

  1. Have more opportunity and better leads
  2. As you develop more opportunity, so increases your belief that you’ll have enough opportunity

It’s not just about confidence (and therefore belief), it’s also about doing the things that are likely to yield more opportunities and better clients.

No matter how important or known you are, your expertise is called into question if you give the slightest hint of desperation.

Your potential clients are good desperation detectors.