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Drive Inbound Leads Using Outbound Sales

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
3 min read

About This Talk

This talk is by Jason Bay and was recorded on September 25, 2020. You can learn more about Jason and his company Blissful prospecting by:

Additional tools mentioned in this talk:

  • LeadIQ to find phone numbers and emails
  • to power your outbound with phone numbers, emails, and a full outbound campaign automation suite of tools


0:00 Intro
1:45 How to Think About Inbound v. Outbound
6:30 Knowing What You Want
9:00 Knowing What Your Prospects Want
19:45 Weighing Inbound v. Outbound
24:25 Drive Inbound Leads Using Outbound
36:00 Warm Call Framework

How to Think About Inbound v. Outbound

If you’re new to inbound marketing, or outbound outreach, then the first step is to understand what you’re getting into. Jason gives you a model for how to think about the two different options:

  • Knowing What You Want
  • Knowing What Your Prospects Want
  • Weighing Inbound v. Outbound
  • Drive Inbound Leads Using Outbound

Knowing What You Want

Your goals will have a big impact on how you approach your program to drive inbound leads. It’s critical that you get clear on what it is that you want so you can target your efforts.

Jason polled the live audience for the talk, and a few ideas consistently came up:

  • Build a full pipeline
  • Get higher quality clients
  • Get higher-paying clients
  • Get more predictability in your marketing and sales programs

Knowing What Your Prospects Want

Your prospects are currently in a state where they need help. What is their current state? What is it that’s wrong, and how can you help them make their lives and businesses better?

Jason recommends you think about your prospects as having a current state. You can help them reach a desired future state, or without your help they may reach an undesirable future state. Here’s a screenshot of Jason’s talk that illustrates the point:

Jason shared an exercise from David Premier where he challenged Jason to articulate his value prop with this simple exercise:

“We help ______ who love _______ and hate _______.”

Once you’re clear about what you want, and what your prospects want, it’s time to focus on getting the right clients in the door. Should you use outbound or inbound?

Outbound v. Inbound

The main difference between the two is that inbound is permission-based, and outbound is interruption-based. Here’s a full comparison of the two:

Permission-basedInterruption based
Low overheadHigh overhead
Low laborHigh labor
Longer ramp timeShorter ramp time
You don’t choose who you contactYou choose your prospects

You can use both approaches to build social proof and to build pipeline, and you can use them together to amplify the impact of both.

If you’d like to further explore the differences between inbound and outbound marketing, check out these resources:

Driving Inbound Leads with Outbound

Everything in your marketing and sales program should drive toward the single goal of having an intro call. Everything should drive to a sales call, and the process looks like this:

  • Land new clients
  • Intro calls
  • Email list
  • Social traffic
  • Inbound – creating content to promote on social or drive traffic
  • Inbound content: book, articles, podcasts, webinars
  • Third-party content: guest podcasts, guest webinars, publications
  • Outbound – amplify content and social using direct outreach
  • Inboundish: Jason’s concept of calling your top prospects who are interacting with your content on social on LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Partnerships: look for collaboration and referral opportunities
  • Cold outreach: limit your completely cold outreach to just your dream list of prospects

Jason’s Warm Call Framework

For the Inboundish approach, pick up the phone and directly call the strongest prospects who are interacting with your content.

You can try Jason’s Warm Call Framework:

  • Intro
    • Remove the surprise
    • Permission-based opener
  • Hook
    • Personalization
    • Empathy: problems or aspirations
    • Relevant results
  • Close
    • Would you like to have an intro call?