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Doing the Work Without the Perfect Tools

Doing the Work Without the Perfect Tools

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

I used to read a column on Lifehacker called How I Work. Each article was an interview with someone notable. Mostly it was small-time (but quite successful) entrepreneurs, not the Bezos or Zuck types.

Each article had a list of tools the person used to do their work. The article then went into Q+A about how the person liked to work.

Confession: I used to read these articles hoping to emmulate how people worked by using the right tools. Not just the “right tools”: the tools that other people were using.

That’s bullshit. The only critical thing is doing the work, not the tools required to do it.

In most cases, tools are personal anyway: the right tools for someone else could be the wrong tools for me. And since I’m not a surgeon, there are a variety of options that’ll do the job just fine.

Sure, there’s value in understanding how others work.

But the value of tools pales in comparison to what they produce: the work that I need to do.