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Do you have the vision?

I was listening to the Startup podcast a while back.

This season is about a charter school founder in New York City. In one of the interviews, they were talking to a mother, Natasha, who put her child in the charter school.

Here’s the exchange, with emphasis added:

NATASHA: Miss Moskowitz visited the Head Start program the day care that my daughter was attending and pitched the idea of a school that she was starting with no building and no teachers nothing at the time just said, “I have this vision–Your children will graduate college.”

HEATHER: But did she like have a plan like this is how we’re finding teachers. This is how we’re finding space. Did she tell you about that stuff?

NATASHA: No no no not at all actually. But you were taking a chance with that her vision was better than my reality. Her vision was better than the failing schools of the neighborhood.

HEATHER: What did it what was that like to hear that when your child was 4 years old?

NATASHA: To hear someone say that not only do I believe that your child is capable but I’m going to help them to get there meant everything.

Her vision is better than my reality. That’s the better tomorrow we should all aspire to sell, and deliver.