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Digital Overload

The good thing about the Internet and computers – ya know, “technology” – is that it’s always there for us and it’s essentially free to use.

That is, after I have a computer and pay for the Internet, the cost of each additional use is zero.

That’s also the bad thing about technology. There’s something else, too: technology has a lot in common with fashion. What’s great today will be out tomorrow like a hopelessly irrelevant fad.

The promise of technology is more and faster. There’s very little we can do to avoid that, and it definitely becomes a distraction for me.

In my work, technology that helps us connect with ever more prospects and people can have the opposite effect. Sure, I can email 1,000 new people today, but am I actually connecting with any of them?

That’s not the intention of any of this.

So I’m on a digital diet to avoid digital overload from my digital overlord, in an effort to refocus what technology is actually amazing at: connecting us with each other.