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Deciding What to Cut

I completed my 2018 planning about a week ago. I always find the hardest part of planning out a solo business is what I’m not going to do.

Making a long list of aspirational goals and accomplishments is easy. The real challenge is deciding what’s absolutely essential, and what is filler. Most of the things I think are important? They just aren’t. Rather, they’re distractions at best, and a total waste of time at worst.

These distractions fool me into thinking I’m being productive.

I recently read the book Finish by John Acuff. He introduced the concept of hiding places to describe the things we turn to when we procrastinate. Email and reading are two of my go-tos. Sure, I feel productive while I read a new business book or clear out my inbox, but they’re mostly distractions. I should be creating content, or a course, or a book, or coaching, or consulitng.

During my planning, I made the hard choice of cancelling an interview podcast that I’d conceived. I’d already gotten a dozen or so guests to commit. I lose quite a bit by doing this, but I also gain a lot more time in the process.

So I ask you: what are you cutting in order to make 2018 the best year you’ve ever had?