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So you’d like to get in touch? Please fill out the form. Here are some quick tips that may help you before you go to the trouble of filling out the form.

Fill out the form if:

  • You have specific questions about my course or program
  • You’d like to sponsor the Modern Sales podcast
  • You’re interested in having me speak at your online event
  • You want me to be a guest on your podcast
  • You’re interested in a bulk purchase of course seats

DO NOT fill out the form if:

  • You want me to buy something from you
  • You want to buy links on this site
  • You need course or program support – email me instead
  • You have the world’s best podcast guest (plus I don’t believe you)

There. That was easy! Now if you have an inquiry that doesn’t quite fit in either group, fill out the form and I’ll do my best to help you. 

  • Please describe why you’re reaching out and how we can help you in 3-5 sentences. We like specificity around here.