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Coaching Call

We all need help sometimes.

There’s a mountain of things you need to do to be successful, and sales and marketing happen to be pretty important.

But you’re not an expert in every aspect of your business - and it can really pay to get some outside advice or an objective opinion.

I can help.

A few areas where I can help you get unstuck include:

  • Choosing or refining your positioning or point of view
  • Help with lead generation and/or thought leaderships questions
  • Starting or promoting your podcast
  • Sales process setup or improvement
  • Troubleshooting a particular deal you're working on
  • Choosing which initiatives to tackle next in your revenue strategy

I can also help you with a variety of technical and execution questions you might have.

Is a coaching session a fit for you?

Coaching sessions aren’t for everyone. These sessions are best for you if you have a targeted, well-defined problem that you’d like to tackle.

If you want strategic advice on how to fix it or the pros and cons of taking different paths, I can help. You should be open to outside advice that may be hard to hear, and it helps if you can implement suggestions yourself, or have a team that can help.

If you have strategic or execution questions, a coaching session is well-suited to help you. If you have existential questions about your career or your business, I’m not the best person to help you.

How coaching sessions work.

Sessions are one hour, and you’ll be amazed by how productive they are. But it’s not just about what happens on the session.

Before we meet I’ll ask you for some background on what you’d like to cover so we can make the most of our time together on the session. The session will be held remotely over Zoom (what else?) with video chat. Make sure you’re in a quiet place with a strong internet connection.

During the session we’ll discuss whatever primary challenge you identified before our meeting. I’ll record the session so you can review it later. The session will culminate with specific recommendations and action items you can execute right away. I may or may not recommend additional ways we can work together.

After the session: I’ll send the recommendations and action items in a Google Doc. You’ll also have permanent access to the session audio and video recording, hosted for you on Google Drive.

Book your session.

To book your session, click this link to choose a time and setup your payment.