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Can Consultants Be Islands?

Automation and technology abound. Artificial intelligence, email automation, search algorithms.

As we build our businesses, it’s easy to forget that all of it is designed to connect people to information and each other. Building a Business of One is a stressful ordeal and there’s a constant push to do more. With all of this technology and automation, surely we can blast out more emails, qualify leads automatically, and transact without human contact.

For some businesses, it’s absolutely true. But it’s unclear how this could ever work in a service based business charging anything except commodity prices.

When people buy, they buy you. Your worldview, your ideas, your individual style. You are inseparable from your product. In many ways, you are the product. In a drive to become more efficient, we may be neglecting the most important part of our selling: relationships.

While it may be scary to work with people and face rejection, it’s a necessary part of building our businesses.

Can you think of an example when relationships were not a necessary ingredient in building a successful service business not competing on price?