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Brain or Hands?

The brain is the most powerful organ in the body. It solves complex patterns and can change the world by imagining a new future. If the change you want to see is a new bridge, you need a brain to think it up and hands to complete the job.

Hands grasp, transport, and manipulate the physical world. Your hands are capable of carrying, building, making things that you imagine. Hands can create exceptional craftsmanship, but only one thing at a time. Hands are indiscriminate: they’re just as good at making things that other people imagine, too.

So it is with consulting and freelancing. Your brain is capable of imagining and synthesizing a new future for your clients. It comes up with a plan to get there, and what to do all along the way. Hands are needed to execute the plan and make it a reality.

It only takes a single person to dream up and plan a bridge, but it takes a thousand to build it.

So you have to make a decision in your business: are you going to design the bridge, or build it?