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Boring Doesn’t Sell, So Unsuck Your Slides

Boring Doesn’t Sell, So Unsuck Your Slides

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

I recently spoke to someone who wants to permanently ban slides from being used by anyone. I understand his point of view.

Someone decided at some point that adding text to a colored background, and reading the contents of each slide would be sufficiently interesting to all viewers.

If that’s your plan, don’t ever use slides.

You should understand that slides have many functions, including: live presentation tool, online presentation medium, webinar presentation tool, and more. The way slides are used is dependent upon how you plan to use them. Imagine that.

Boring slides are indicative of a much more insidious offense: a boring presentation. I’ve spoken to countless people who think that they can’t be entertaining, interesting, or take a risk in business. Bullshit, as my grandfather would say.

Remember a show called Sesame Street? Fun facts: it premiered in 1969, and has aired 4,491 episodes over 48 seasons at the time of this writing. The premise of the show is that learning can be entertaining. They’ve proved that it works! They’ve also created an expectation that learning should be entertaining.

That’s what you’re up against. When you create your slides, toss ‘em. First ask yourself: what do I want to communicate, and how can I make it interesting or entertaining?

If slides will help you tell the story, by all means, use them.