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The Truth About Growing Demand and Becoming Internet Famous

The Truth About Growing Demand and Becoming Internet Famous

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

The Internet. It’s where people do all kinds of things, including business. It’s a weird place. It creates its own version of things we’ve known for a while, and it’s easy to confuse the Internet’s version of something with our previous notion of it.

Something strange has arisen on The Internet, and I’m calling it Internet Fame. As in, “that person is Internet Famous.”

I once heard someone describe a blogger as a “Celebrity Marketer.” Not as in “they market for celebrities,” but the marketer herself was a celebrity. This blew my mind, because she was only blogging to get more marketing clients.

I’ve known a few Internet Famous people who seemed huge, but the truth is that they only seemed huge because they were in the right places. Every person is still a person and fatally human.

What became apparent is that, with enough repetition, good content, and targeted distribution, Internet Fame is easily confused with real fame because it creates the illusion of celebrity, without the messy real-world-recognition and bother.

As you endeavor to grow demand for what you offer, building a small-but-loyal following can get you there. You know, becoming Internet Famous. But to become Internet Famousis different, because you don’t need mass appeal. The Internet works in pockets. It caters to niche groups, and if you’re seen as a celebrity in your group, that’s all the fame you need.

Of course, being seen as Internet Famous is simply a by-product of creating things that people want to be a part of it, and shouldn’t be the end goal. What it gives you is options: a bigger group of people to contact, to help, and to learn from. In short, Internet Fame can help you grow demand, and it works best when you give first.

Be helpful, target your message, and keep sharing. Then maybe you, too, will be Internet Famous.