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The Case of the Empty Champagne Glass

The Case of the Empty Champagne Glass

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
1 min read

Yesterday was my 4-year wedding anniversary.

I did what any smart husband should do: I bought my wife flowers, a card, and reserved a table at a local French restaurant.

I called ahead to talk to have the hostess do something special for us since it was our anniversary.

“What would you like to do?,” she asked.

I said “What are my options?”

“Do you like champagne?,” she asked.

“No, we don’t like champagne,” I said.


I asked “Do you have any other ideas?”


Has this happened to you? You got a question from a client who was ready to buy something – and even pay a premium – but you sat tongue-tied? Worse yet, special occasions at restaurants are totally predictable.

I was ready to buy, but she wasn’t ready to sell.

Are you ready in the most predictable of situations in your business?