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Avoid the Fads

LinkedIn is becoming overwrought with direct solicitations. It’s taking the “social” out of social network.

Facebook is allowing people to send messages at scale, like broadcast email.

I recently bought an app that allows me to create personalized pictures and send them out through cold email at scale.

These are all interesting concepts, but they won’t last.

The reason is simple: if it works well, lots of other people will start doing it too. Eventually recipients of the emails and social messages will know that it’s a clever trick to feign personalization.

The “new thing” is always tempting, but it’s just a tool designed to solve a fundamental problem: how can I improve my business?

Lead generation is an evergreen (or forever) problem. Selling is an evergreen problem. Standing out, and pricing, and staying organized – they’re all evergreen problems.

The tools used to solve these forever problems will change rapidly. The way we think about and strategically address these problems, though, won’t change much at all.

Learn how to do that.