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All Selling Is Deceptive

The way we perceive the world is in models, or heuristics. We have rules of thumb that help us make sense of the world, and navigate it.

For instance, a great rule of thumb is “look both ways before crossing the street.” It’s simple, and practical, and literally saves lives.

Sometimes a rule of thumb can lead us astray. I had a conversation with a trusted friend and advisor the other day and he had a rule of thumb for sales:

Selling is deceitful.

This rule of thumb isn’t helpful. It doesn’t serve him, and it doesn’t serve the people he can help.

He’s into photography. When I asked him if he’d want to learn more about a new camera lens that took sharper, clearer, and more vibrant photos in low light, he said “yes, of course.”

The conclusion, then, is that selling isn’t a deceitful at all. A different reality exists: selling is part of business. In addition to that, some salespeople are deceptive.

But some salespeople are ethical and genuinely interested in helping others solve their problems and reach their goals.

Be that salesperson.