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Serve More Weekly #3 - Deadpool Teaches Marketing

Serve More Weekly #3 - Deadpool Teaches Marketing

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
4 min read

ClientCon is in full swing and it took me the week to get my bearings. Apologies for not sending a newsletter last week but I’ve been busy!

📄 Articles: What a Diligent Note Taker

I’ve been asked many times whether you should take notes during your sales calls. The short answer is yes, but only if you can still be present in the conversation. I can’t tell if it’s a skill I’ve mastered, or if it’s just innate, but I can easily generate 500 words on a 30-minute call. If you and I ever speak, you’ll might hear me typing away – that’s why.

I haven’t told any ClientCon speakers as much, but I’ve been busily taking notes during their talks, and I’m compiling a list of all the notes I take. By the end of the speaker series I expect to generate 80+ pages of notes, and I’ll share ’em as I go.

The following pages have my notes, talk replays, and time stamps to help you find the right place in the talk:

🎙 On the Podcast

Jack Reamer is a master of cold email. It’s what he does to get clients, it’s what he does to help his clients get clients, and he’s spent way more time thinking about cold email than I do. He and Jason Bay (linked above in the ClientCon notes) are two of the only people I trust when it comes to cold email.

Jack even has a podcast about cold email and sales with the Jeremy, the Founder of Quickmail, called The Cold Outreach Podcast. You should check it out, it’s quite good. (And yes, I’m biased because I was on the show, but I also happen to genuinely like it.)

Check out this episode of Modern Sales to hear directly from Jack about what’s working in cold email right now, and how Jack is still able to drive response rates even when blowhard thought leaders are telling you that cold email is dead.

Listen to the full episode here >>>

📆 Upcoming Events

ClientCon of course! 30 speakers over 30 days, starts September 21st with a new talk every weekday at 10am PST. Register now >>>

Adweek and Deltek sponsored a talk on “Why Your Agency’s Positioning Matters More Than Ever.” I didn’t get a chance to see it, but the speaker, David C. Baker, is fantastic and everything he says is well-reasoned and compelling. Whether you run an agency or not, it’s worth catching the replay. Register here >>>

🌎 From the Web

Chef’s Table: BBQ
This is a first for any content I’ve ever published, but I’m recommending you check out a Netflix show. In the first episode, you’ll meet Tootsie Tomanetz, and 85-year-old custodian by day, and Hill Country-style BBQ master every Saturday. Other than being fantastically entertaining, and telling engrossing human stories, each of the episodes is chalk full of examples of strong positioning strategies. Tootsie’s City Meat Market is only open on Saturdays, you’ll be met with a 2-hour line even at 8am. Rodney Scott’s whole hog BBQ is a rarity, and has landed him a James Beard award. Lennox Hastie cooks everything over woodfire – including the salad – and charges about $200 per person. None of this would be possible without incredible positioning.

Deadpool Teaches Marketing
It may seem strange, but Ryan Reynolds, the mega movie star and Deadpool actor, can teach you a lot about marketing. I loved the points he makes about speed to market and taking advantage of salient topics without having to go through a bureaucracy. You and I, we don’t have Ryan’s 36M Instagram followers, but we do have speed. There’s nothing stopping you from trying something right now, and your biggest competitors could just never match that speed.

The Housing Market Proves Buyers Exist
One of the favorite refrains these days is that “people aren’t buying.” I’ve written extensively about why I think it’s a gross oversimplification, and Jeff Bajorek will be speaking at ClientCon on Wednesday about what to do about it. But just take a look at the housing market as an example of people being willing to make huge financial decisions. Home buying is actually up year over year, due largely to low interest rates, and the housing stock could be depleted in just a few months. This is more evidence that market conditions, market segments, and incentives matter a lot. How can you alter those variables in your business?

Professional Services Just Keep Growing released a report projecting flat growth for professional services this year (duh), but a 7% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for the sector as a whole over the next few years. The big idea is that high-skilled human beings are in huge demand, so congratulations, you’ve done well with your career choice! Of course market forces will impact growth of subsectors – software development will likely grow faster than marketing and advertising – but experts are in demand, and the overall market is growing 2x faster than the overall economy.

Has COVID Infected Sales?
Really Simple Systems, a CRM provider I’ve never heard of, released research in July about how COVID is impacted selling. Mostly it’s stuff I’ve been preaching for a long time: use video calling when you sell remote, emphasize value, and use tech to multiply your efforts with automation. LinkedIn is usage is increasing as in-person events have been wiped out. And many small businesses are still failing to use a CRM and other basic tech infrastructure to manage their sales and marketing programs. One interesting they found is that cold outreach continues despite changing privacy legislation, though it doesn’t appear cold email will end in the US anytime soon.