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Serve More Weekly #2 - Hope Isn't a Strategy

Serve More Weekly #2 - Hope Isn't a Strategy

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
2 min read

I’m a day late on this here newsletter, but I promise it’s worth the wait! I put a few hours into this weeks article on sales call planning, plus the air here in Portland has been the worst in the world so it’s been a bit extra stressful. But I persist!

Quick note: ClientCon is coming up September 21st and features 30 talks from 30 experts, all to help you grow and run your firm or consulting practice. Smoke be damned. More info here: Read the article about sales call planning here >>>

🎙 On the Podcast

Jeb Blount is on the podcast again, this time with a discussion about his approach to virtual selling. I’ve covered the topic a lot prior to speaking with him, and it was great to hear his take on the subject. You can listen to the podcast here.

📆 Upcoming Events

ClientCon of course! 30 speakers over 30 days, starts September 21st with a new talk every weekday at 10am PST. Register now >>>

🌎 From the Web

Time to Throw Your Buyer Personas In the Trash?
If ever you were to hit a snag in your marketing and sales program, it’s with Buyer Personas. Whomever created them was probably well-intentioned, but they sure created a lot of unnecessary suffering in the world. My take is that they’re useful as long as they’re short and focused. As soon as they become an obstacle, throw ’em in the trash. This piece by David C. Baker is a nice contrarian take on the subject.

Recyclable Shoes For Rent
Yes, you read that read. Swiss shoemaker On has created a textbook example of total alignment in marketing, sales, delivery, and business model. They’re releasing a recyclable shoe line, and instead of selling it to you, they’ll rent it out for $30/mo. This promotes the intent – that you’ll actually recycle it – while providing them a natural subscription model. Their logistics better be right, though.

Where the Bikes At?
Coronavirus has created a bike shortage as supply chains have been disrupted. One Colorado bike shop has the answer: used high-end bikes. The Pro’s Closet has renewed life in their positioning strategy as they sell primarily $1k+ used bikes through their ecommerce store. Always an opportunity, my friend.