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120? I won’t be doing that

I was chatting with someone recently and asked him for some guidance in an area he’s particularly equipped to help out with.

“Sure, no problem. Just go to my website – there are 120+ articles there where I cover that topic.”

120? No thanks, I won’t be doing that. I won’t even attempt to do that.

When you sell, it’s tempting to think that more is better. More information, more time, more everything! But there are limits, and too much choice is a bad thing. Even your own patience should have a limit when you sell.

When you give too many options, you’re making the decision more difficult for your prospect, and you’re increasing their risk of failure and loss.

This guy surely was trying to be helpful to me, but there’s no effing way I’m going to slog through 120 articles, sorting through his various resources to find the 3 questions I need answered.

Where should I go for the information I need? Just point me in that direction, and you can keep the rest.

Which leads me to a final thought from this little episode: there’s value in speed, and there’s value in curation. He probably could’ve answered my question in 5 minutes, but instead he sent me to a resource that would actually cost me money and time.

No one wants 120 articles, they want the 3 that they absolutely need, and nothing more. Give them that instead.