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Serve More Weekly #1 - Ugly Dogs and Positioning

Serve More Weekly #1 - Ugly Dogs and Positioning

Liston Witherill
Liston Witherill
2 min read

Quick note #1:

I’m switching up the format of these emails to be a more traditional newsletter format. You’ll start receiving a weekly newsletter every Monday with four sections: a weekly article from me, a podcast episode, upcoming events, and interesting stuff I find from the around the web. You’ll get other emails from me, too, but they’ll be limited to special announcements like events, sales, or new products and services.

Quick note #2:

ClientCon is coming up September 21st and features 30 talks from 30 experts, all to help you grow and run your firm or consulting practice. More info here: Full episode on negotiation planning here >>>

📆 Upcoming Events

ClientCon is coming soon! 30 renowned experts over 30 days. Every weekday at 10am there’ll be a new live presentation, starting September 21st. Sign up now, it’s totally free, and I’d be grateful if you could help spread the word.

More info about ClientCon here >>>

If you’d like to feature an event in this newsletter, hit reply and send a link.

🌎 From the Web

Mission Completely Impossible

The producers of the movie franchise Mission Impossible wanted to blow up a bridge in a small Polish town for the latest installment in the series. They sold the idea to the mayor of the town, only to have the whole thing, well, blow up in their faces.

The idea was originally sold as a way to pay for bridge repairs to increase tourism. Shortly thereafter, support for the bridge galvanized in the form of a petition. Now the bridge itself is a source of tourism, as the town and the bridge have reached new heights of fame from the whole fiasco.

If someone can get what you’re selling without buying it, why would they?

Hubspot’s Sales Data

Hubspot posted sales data aggregated from their CRM that shows interesting info about deals, contacts, and other key sales metrics. Interestingly, companies of all sizes seem to be selling more than they were a year ago. The COVID-19 dip is obvious from March to June, but it looks like most companies are back in the green, at least in the aggregate.

It’s worth noting the relationship between effort and results, too. The number of sales emails sent is up 75%, but responses are down by 25%. That makes sense – if I get more emails but have the same amount of attention to give, I’ll be more discriminating about what I open.

Thanks to Jim Thornton for sharing this.

Getting More Organized with Airtable

I’ve held off on recommending this tool, but have now managed most aspects of my business with it and it’s been fantastic. The Sales Sprint, ClientCon, my entire content calendar, the Modern Sales podcast – it’s all managed with Airtable. It’s not the best at task management, but it’s amazing in terms of flexibility, the forms are excellent, the power is in the flexible views and interlinking of databases. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it. Grab your account now – here’s my affiliate link.

The #1 Marketing Channel For ClientCon Speakers Is…


I asked ClientCon speakers to weigh in on 10 different questions relevant to their and other services businesses. Each speaker recorded a video with their responses. And to start, I asked:

If you could choose just one marketing channel, would it be social, email, or something else entirely?

There wasn’t consensus on other questions, just this one. Why do they think email is so important? Check out their answers on LinkedIn, and weigh in by leaving a comment.